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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Comparable with the Motorola Droid Turbo

Android Headlines: Sony Xperia Z3v Now Available at Verizon Wireless.

I was impressed after looking at the specs of this new Sony phone for Verizon. It has a the same size battery as the Note 3, with a regular size display with a pretty good camera. It is waterproof but doesn't have the top of the line display as the Note 4, Nexus 6 and the Droid Turbo.

That might be a good thing since it also has last year's processor which doesn't provide support for fast charge of the battery.

The camera is a 20.7MP which may put it ahead of the Note 4 and possibly even with the Droid Turbo. What I don't understand is 8f Samsung is using a Sony camera in the Note 4,why isn't it this one?

I believe it is foolish to get a different phone right now with the upcoming new phones being released in the next 2 weeks along with Android Lollipop. Especially since Lollipop is meant for a 64 bit processor which only the international Note 4 has.

I would like to see which manufacturer will put Lollipop on their devices first. Motorola is typically the first due to the relationship with Google, but it could be different this time since the pre-release of Lollipop.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Google: Snooze Needs to be Fixed

With the announcement of Inbox by Gmail there are many things that this new app will attempt to fix.

Gizmodo Australia: Google Can't Fix What's Really Wrong With Email: Us.

The snooze feature in smartphones is not as smart as it should be. When you get a notification that you want to be reminded of later, you don't want it in 10 minutes. That snooze is cool for an alarm, but we need smarter snooze capabilities.

Please Google fix snooze to allow 10 minutes, 30 minutes and set time to be reminded again. This needs to be fixed in Google Now also. Please.

Friday, October 17, 2014

New Smart Phone?

About twice a year phone manufacturers are introducing a new smartphone claiming it is the best. Recently big is the way to go so I will address each of the best phones available and coming out.

IPhone 6 and 6 Plus
These are 2 different phones, but unfortunately Apple is still chasing the trend rather than creating a new one. The camera is said to be an improvement, but anything would be an improvement over past iPhone cameras as their pictures are horrible. The limit is with the 8mp camera will not get the best detail in photos compared to other smartphones despite having great colors that are a little too unrealistic. The worst thing Apple did was put a small battery in the 6 of only 1800mAh. I have not had a battery that small since the Samsung Galaxy Nexus of almost 4 years ago that I quickly replaced the battery with the bigger available which was 2100mAh. Sorry Apple users will still be hovered over power outlets to charge their phones.


The HTC M8 is a cool phone, but only a 4MP camera, small battery and no option for additional data storage put this about even with the iPhone 6. HTC new selfie camera appears better so far from what I have seen with a 13MP front and back camera. Unfortunately they are just trying to put their news out as they are late to the race this Fall.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5
I rank these 2 phones even as the S5 is slightly better than the S4. A slightly better battery, camera and the removal of the menu button in favor of an app switching button make the S5 slightly better. The bigger battery, better camera and available to add a micro SD card make either Samsung better than HTC.

Motorola X
Very cool phone with quick updates to Android make this about even with the Samsung S5, but it doesn't have the ability to add a micro SD card and Motorola has not produced a very good camera yet. The cool voice commands and running a stock Android version makes this better than the LG G3 which doesn't get listed on this list as it was introduced comparing it to last year's smartphones.

Samsung Note 3
Although this is last year's phablet by Samsung, I would still place it higher than anything from Apple, HTC or LG. The camera is awesome along with the many useful features of the S Pen. The battery is great and so is the screen. I don't like the Menu button, but it was replaced by the app switching button on the Note 4. I am not a fan of Touchwiz as I prefer using Nova launcher due to the customization of gesture based shortcuts. I will probably use Nova launcher on my next phone as well.

Motorola Nexus 6
I was happy to hear that Verizon will be able to get this Nexus which will be the only one
other than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The screen size, battery, processor and RAM are identical to the Samsung Note 4. This phone could be number 2 on my list, but Google has yet to show how this phone can be used effectively with one hand. I would call this a tablet without showing comparable features to the Samsung Note 4. Although Nexus gets Android updates first, I doubt that the Verizon version will be as quick as I felt burned by the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The only reason why this Nexus to ranked so high is due to the newest version of Android.

Motorola Droid Turbo
This is the phone that has me waiting to get my next smartphone. A 5.2" screen with the
same processor and RAM as the Nexus 6 and the Note 4 make this one interesting, but the Huge battery (3900mAh) might put this one over the top if the camera doesn't suck like on other Motorola phones. This phone is perfect for those who don't have a charger with them all day, and don't want a bigger screen as the phablets. It will run a nearly pure version of Android and has a 20mp camera which is the best available in Android or Apple. Let's just hope that the camera doesn't suck. Lol

Samsung Note 4
I rank this number 1 because they improved the S Pen functions, changed the Menu button for an app switching button and the ability to have multiple applications running on the screen at one time is a great improvement from the Note 3. The screen and camera were great on the Note 3 and are even better on the Note 4. Ultra battery saving mode is a plus over the Note 3 which most new smartphones are coming out with this year.

The problem with the Note 4 is it was announced at the beginning of September and we had to wait until the end of October for the release which has allowed Apple, Motorola and HTC to introduce new phones to compete. Samsung has made many mistakes coming out with so many different devices and now the Note 4 may not sell as quickly due to people wanting to wait for the other phones to come out for a in hand comparison.

The Note 4 is the winner!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

iPhone 6 Bendable

I find it funny how many times I see someone with a broken screen on their iPhone. I am a huge Android fan, but I have to admit the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus look pretty. They don't look better than my Samsung Note 3, but regardless Apple did a much needed improvement to their flagship device.

Then I saw this yesterday...

So many people commented about their HTC M8 being made out of aluminum and not bending like that. I did have in the back of my mind wondering how my Samsung Note 3 would do under similar pressure.

And then I saw the Samsung Note 3 Bend Test followup video.

It was cool to see another broken screen on an iPhone at the beginning of the video, but my Samsung Note 3 did great in the similar test. Then today I saw +Marques Brownlee doing an explanation video of the iPhone 6 Bend Test.

I agree with +Marques Brownlee that this kind of bend would be an extreme situation to happen in someone's pocket. But you know that someone is going to cry about how their iPhone 6 got caught in the door or something crazy that we haven't heard before.

The fact is the iPhone 6 and Plus are backed with an extremely thin aluminum back that offers minimal protection to its components. Obviously there are more important parts than the screen as shown by so many using their broken iPhones for everyday use after breaking their screen. Inside an iPhone there is a circuit board that is not as strong as the aluminum back that is covering it. This brings me back to when I had a broken motherboard on one of my first laptops.

A broken iPhone will take a new meaning than having a broken screen very soon as people are going to be showing up at Apple stores with iPhone's where the screen may appear fine, but not functioning properly. Hence Apple has anticipated this happening as they have recently announce a new repair cost schedule for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. +Marques Brownlee does a great job with this video, but I wish you would have brought up this important point about the internals components of the iPhone 6 rather than almost dismissing the Bend Test that I am sure will make all iPhone 6 users feel better.

Definitely not hating on +Marques Brownlee as he is the only independent tech video blogger that I follow on YouTube because I appreciate his work.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Profit for Samsung

OMG!Droid: Samsung Goes Into Cost Cutting Mode Following Consecutive Losses.

Samsung is a great company that makes the best devices available in a wide range of areas. It is a shame that they are not making profits. I read recently that their employees returned their bonuses. I think the upper management is to blame as the company is so focused on putting out products for everyone they lost focus on business.

Business is all about turning a profit. When you have a product that is producing a great profit, you maximum it's profitability through economies of scale. That is you mass produce it until it doesn't make sense.

You might think that Samsung is doing this which they are in many products with the exception to phones and tablets. Samsung has far too many 10" tablets available and many of them have similar specs. For example the Tab Pro is almost identical to the Note 2014 with the exception to the S Pen. I understand the 12.2" Note Pro as it is different from all other tablets with the size and capabilities of 4 windows on a screen. Other than the 12.2" Note Pro, the Pro series of Samsung tablets is a waste and not thought out very well being introduced between the Note 2014 and the Tab 4.

Samsung's tablet division made similar mistakes as the cell phone division. The Galaxy S and the Note are the 2 phones that Samsung is known for. The rest of the phones that Samsung manufactures are junk including the Mega which is like throwing a sumo wrestler in a game of jepordy against Payton Manning. The Mega might dwarf the Note, but the processor, RAM and screen quality is horrible and frankly give it's owners a poor image of Samsung.

Samsung should only produce 2 phones for every carrier: Galaxy S and the Note. If the price is too high for a prepaid carrier then they should buy last year's model. A premier model should not be introduced that has better graphics or anything as it should be held for the next year's version.

Besides reducing the number of variants of tablets and phones, they should stop tinkering with the software. S Voice might have came out before Google Now, but Google has proven to be the best at apps and everyone else is so far behind. Trash S Voice, S Translate, and everything else including TouchWiz so they can focus on doing what they do best: Building the best devices available.

K.I.S.S = Keep It Simple Stupid

Monday, July 14, 2014

Catch Me If You Can!

Microsoft launches a price assault on Chromebooks

This came out today which happens to be the next business day after it was announced that Chromebooks were going to become cheaper with a less expensive processor. Unfortunately for Intel and AMD, the basic computer will be enough for most people who are not heavy PC gamers and won't require an expensive processor. This can only be good for society as it creates deflationary pressure that will drive the tablet prices down also. By driving tablet prices lower, the everyday business will have more technology where they might not have been able to afford it in the past. Schools will be able to completely replace books with tablets or laptops. And 4k televisions price will come down to $1000 for 100 inches of entertainment.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Make Your Computer Scream!

It is frustrating that it appears your cell phone and tablet open apps faster than your desktop computer running Windows.

Is Windows so bad that it should take 5 minutes to be able to do anything on your computer after you turn it on with the power button?

Why do apps load in seconds with your mobile device and it appears to take forever sometimes getting Microsoft Office to load?

It appears there are far more mobile devices that do not use Windows than do, so maybe you have had these same questions. Google certainly hopes you do and is why they offer the Chromebook. The Chromebook is an excellent device that can replace your home computer completely as long as you don't ever scan with your printer. You can scan with your printer with your phone, so that is not that big of an issue.

I was considering switching over to an iMac because I was sick of the way my computer was
performing. A Samsung AIO with an Intel i7 processor and 8GB of RAM should not ever be slow, but mine was as I was considering getting a similar iMac. One representative with a Windows shirt on at Best Buy suggested that I get a registry cleaner that they sold on the shelf. That would be a huge mistake as registry cleaners infect your computer with a virus that lays dormant until the maker decides they need to get some money out of you. I will NEVER install a registry cleaner.

As I inspected the iMac over the past month, I found that it appears to be faster than a Windows computer. I was not sure that this was a fair comparison since it was using knock off versions of the Microsoft programs that I was accustom to win Windows like their office programs. One of the times I was in Best Buy, Safari had an error and closed. I would not expect to see that from a demo computer with limited programs on it. I love Windows split screen functionality and would miss it greatly if I switched to an iMac even though I am sure there is an app for that... that cost more than FREE.

I wasn't sure switching to an Apple computer would be the answer for me especially since there are utra-thin laptops that boot in seconds and they are running Windows 8.1 like my computer. Many of them have a similar Intel processor too. Then a relative bought a Asus Transformer 2 in 1 with Windows 8 on it. It is super fast and doesn't have an expensive Intel processor on it. It uses the same technology as do Chromebooks and all mobile devices and that is a Solid State Drive.

A SSD is like a USB drive in that there are no moving discs inside it. The access to the date
is instant like your phone, like a Chromebook, like a Windows Surface tablets. I do not keep my documents, music and other miscellaneous files on my computer's hard drive as I utilize 2 external hard drives for that data. So a smaller sized SSD is not a problem coming from a 1TB hard drive that I only was using 64GB.

I had been considering switching my computer over to a SSD in the past, but was afraid of complications in reinstalling Windows and starting over. That Asus Transformer made me investigate it further and found some programs online that will help you transfer your system and files over. Yesterday I went to Best Buy to pull the trigger and purchase a SSD. The representative in the computer department actually did the same thing for his laptop and put me at ease as he showed me that each SSD comes with software that will move everything from the old hard drive to the new SSD before you install it.

The only thing missing is an external hard drive enclosure to connect to your computer with a USB cable to complete the transfer. I got home and ran into one problem where the hard drive kept disconnecting at the beginning of the transfer. I was questioning if it were a problem with the new external enclosure that I purchased. After doing a couple of searches, I found that the process does not work well when plugged into a USB 3.0 port and to use an open USB 2.0 port instead. I am very familiar with my computer and knew that I had both so I quickly switched the new hard drive to the USB 2.0 port and it worked! Everything was transferred in less than an hour and a half.

I put took my old hard drive out, put my new one in, put the cover back on my computer, plugged it in and it was instantly faster! There was nothing to reinstall, it just works great. Finally, my computer is faster than my phone and tablet! This was greater than the feeling when we would upgrade the RAM and it would speed up the computer. I am no longer considering an iMac, Chrome or any Linux system as my computer is here to stay.